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Girl on a string : Volume 2

By Day, John

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Book Id: WPLBN0100000155
Format Type: PDF (eBook)
File Size: 1.70 MB.
Reproduction Date: 15/3/2017

Title: Girl on a string : Volume 2  
Author: Day, John
Volume: Volume 2
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Action crime thriller
Collection: Authors Community
Subcollection: Adventure
Publication Date:
Publisher: John Day
Member Page: John Day

Given a new start, Penny tries to mend her ways. However, fate draws her into a great danger as she solves crimes that all link together in an unexpected drama of world stopping proportions.

With her life and job restored, Penny decides to change her ways and be a better person. To let the dust settle and allow memories to fade, she is posted to a quiet police station in the South of England. On her first day a corpse is washed up in Lulworth Cove. Her boss hands the case to her, upsetting her colleagues who want the case for themselves. Meanwhile, a stalker is hell bent on revenge and reels in her catch. But will the catch be caught? The result cannot be described as an act of god! Penny discovers a tampered crime scene in her second case. The puzzle is who tampered and why? Before anyone can catch their breath, a child goes missing. A paedophile is involved and the race is on to find the little boy. Penny has her own ideas where he is and while off duty, uncovers the worst kind of terror she has ever faced. Penny has started to piece things together, her reward is disgrace and the certainty she will lose her job unless she can prove her innocence. To make matters worse, her life hangs by a thread. Forced to act alone and at great personal expense, Penny uncovers two types of crime that we all know goes on every day, but in this case, these are on a world wide scale. The pursuit of her nemesis leads her and her friends into great danger in a country known for its corruption. This time, Penny has gone too far. Her simple but audacious con trick sets the people who used her for their own ends, running for cover, ditching her in the process. Now she and her friends are to be eliminated to keep a lid on her meddling. Unaware of the threat, she plays her last desperate card in an attempt to arrest a murderer who she believes can get her job back.

The terror stricken middle-aged man stumbled headlong down the roughly hewn chalk tunnel, the way ahead was lit only by his pocket torch. The uneven path was treacherous, with just a narrow dip worn in the middle of the floor. A misplaced footing would inevitably lead to a fall, probably serious injury, and certain capture. For over two centuries strong men, bent double under their heavy load, had shuffled and picked their way along this same path. History professor James Walker was running in fear of his life… *** The tunnel sloped steeply down towards the sea, ending in a sheer cliff face. At one time, this had been a cave at sea level, but 200 years of erosion by the restless sea had washed the lower part away, leaving a large bed of limestone rocks on the shore some 6 metres below the tunnel entrance. James already knew this; his rope to the cliff top hung there, waiting for him. The two criminals in hot pursuit, Bert Cox and Harry Ball, shouted for him to stop, but why would he? They intended to kill him. Their warnings and threats echoed menacingly in the darkness. The sound of their running and stumbling feet added to the Academic’s fear and panic, as they relentlessly pursued him. They were both young, fit and ruthless, and they were gaining on him. With his torch in one hand, James pulled out his old clamshell phone with the other, flipping it open as he ran. He thumbed number 1 on his favourites list and called Ellie, his wife. There was only a weak phone signal and he couldn’t hear her reply, so left a voicemail message. His rasping breath and the noises echoing in the tunnel, garbled his message. Just to be sure she would know his fate he left the phone line open, still recording, in his pocket. As he rounded the final bend, he was blinded by the brilliant summer sunlight streaming into the tunnel entrance. He slid to a halt and groped frantically in front of the entrance, for his rope leading to the safety of the cliff top. His pursuers were almost upon him when he swung out and down the rope, his feet pushing out against the rock face. Like a pendulum, it swung him back, and a steel toed boot lashed out at his head. Professor Walker dropped like a diver doing a back flip, crashing headfirst onto the rocks below... Walker’s death was inevitable; if he had safely reached the beach below, there would still have been nowhere to run. The powerful waves surged up the jagged rocks both sides of the 3-metre stretch of boulders forming the small cove. Even an Olympic swimmer would have been dragged along and shredded on the rocks. The only escape was up the rope, but with no head start, he could never have out climbed the men. *** James Walker’s fate was sealed minutes ago, the instant he dislodged a small rock. The sound of it rattling over the hard chalk floor had carried across the large cavern, to the men servicing their now silent machine. Walker was spying on them. The moment he entered the old smugglers’ tunnel, he could hear the distant rhythmic mechanical clatter of a machine. Curiosity got the better of him and he cautiously crept up the 500-metre tunnel. It opened out into a large cavern, where a makeshift roof and walls of timber boarding, covered with translucent polythene sheeting enclosed the work area. Under the brilliant lighting he could see that it housed a cube shaped machine the size of a very small car, which whirred and clacked away. He rightly supposed this structure prevented general dust and water seeping through the rock above, from landing on the machine and the cardboard boxes, inside it. James peered out from the darkness inching ever closer, trying to identify the machine and discover what was in the boxes, when he kicked a fist-sized piece of rock. The noise had alerted the men, who looked up and spotted him. In an instant they were in hot pursuit of the intruder. As it happened, of all the ways he could have been killed once they caught him, falling to his death on the rocks was the most preferable.

Table of Contents
Contents The tunnel. 8th June 2015 Penny apprehended. 8th June 2015 The enquiry. 9th June 2015 The stalker. Sunday. 12th July Penny’s first day. Monday. 13th July 2015 Floater. Monday. 13th July 2015 Penny’s first case. Monday. 13th July 2015 Penny meets Daniel Burton. Monday. 13th July 2015 Estela leaves her mark. Evening Monday. 13th July 2015 Penny dates Burton. Evening Monday. 13th July 2015 Daniel goes to a ritual. Monday. 11.00pm 13th July 2015 Penny confides in Holly. 13/14th July 2015 The ritual. 13/14th July 2015 Sticky fingers. Midnight 13th/14th July 2015 Chapter – A twist of fortune. Early Tuesday. 14th July 2015 Winn stirs trouble 13/14th July 2015 Truth dawns. Early Tuesday. 14th July 2015 Daniel visits the crash scene. Tuesday am. 14th July 2015 Penny’s second case. Tuesday. 14th July 2015 The phone call. Tuesday. 14th July 2015 A lucky break. Tuesday. 14th July 2015 Estela’s relatives. The river cruise. Sunday 14th July 2015 Mrs Walker. Wednesday. 15th July 2015 Penny told to drop the Estela case. Friday. 17th June 2015 Local complaint about Lorries in the night. Billy gets lost. Saturday. 18th July 2015 Mother raises alarm. Saturday. 18th July 2015 Penny’s third case. Saturday pm 18th July 2016 Paedophile. Saturday pm 18th July 2016 Burton & Penny meet at church. Saturday pm 18th July 2016 Penny has a bad night. Saturday night 18th July 2016 A stab in the back. Saturday pm 18th July 2016 The secret chamber. Burton escapes. Discovery. Sunday morning 19th July 2015 Return to duty. 1st August 2015 Who owns the house? Drugged. 27th August 2015 Penny comes home. 5th September 2015 Fitting the puzzle together. 5th September 2015 Dinner at the Ritz. 6th September 2015 Penny goes to Panama. 7th September 2015 Darren reports. Barry reports. Lucia reports. Darren’s orders. Barry’s orders. Lucia’s orders. Penny’s plan. Evening 7th September 2015 Penny plots against Burton Burton strikes. 7th September 2015 The Devil takes care of his own. The chase. Burton hears bad news. Penny meets Pedro Ramirez, Estela’s boyfriend. 8th September 2015 Penny meets Wu. 8th September 2015 Wu calls. 9th September2015 Death in Panama. 9th September 2015 Senegal 9th September 2015 Chapter – Behind the scenes 9th September 2015 Ambush 10th September 2015 Disappointment. 10th September 2015. Bad news, good news. 10th September 2015 MI6 terminator. 10th September 2015 The nightmare begins. 10th September 2015. Debrief 12th September 2015 The reckoning. 14th September 2015 Bent Penny Death of a nobody. July 2014 The case of the concrete man. Rough justice. Tuesday 19th May 2015 Pandora. Friday 22nd May 2015 Honey I’m home. Missing person case. The Glass Beacon Prologue. England 1943 Peenemünde Rabbit. Mid-day, June 2nd 1943 MI5 and Rabbit. 8th June 1943 Extinction Event Shit happened. Max imagines the worst. The tunnel. Fire Ice Prologue. Extinction Event (book 1) ending. Adrift. Carla goes to Afghanistan. Escape. Fugitive November 29th 2005: Talos Dome Plateau, Antarctica August 19th 2012: London. The celebration Surprise attack Help coming. August 20th 2012: Amnesia The prisoner October 10th 2012: Destitute


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