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Author...I find the title a little above my station....I am merely a story teller who happens to know how to type....You can learn about me somewhat through my stories...please enjoy....

General Information:
When I write from the depths of my imagination it is like having a philosophical conversation with the universe. 
I dream, I write, I share.
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Tales From The Imaginational Abyss : Three Tales To Thrill You

By: Donald Harry Roberts; Donald Harry Roberts

The best description is Have a look see

Three Tales To Thrill You By Donald Harry Roberts

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Big City Rag : Two Stories from the Adventures of Q.J. Rouge

By: Donald Harry Roberts

A must read

The last thing I remember was a sharp, excruciating pain in the back of my head that shot downward all the way to my feet, rattling my toes. Then the lights went out! When I came to, I found myself lying face down in a thick puddle of gunk and grunge that smelled like the city sewer in mid-July after a week long heat wave. I had been snooping around in an alley-way downtown, a little before sunset. It was dark now, except for a dim light coming through a smudged window t...

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By: Donald Harry Roberts

Where trust is involved...BEWARE

“You don’t get it. Do you? That puny little muscle between your ears is too chucked full of standard procedure to even come close to an idea that does not fit into one of your concrete scenarios with solid, verifiable evidence. But it is true. Everything I have told you is true. The man was a monster…a wretched beast who needed killing. I saw what he did. I saw….damn… have to listen to me. He…it….needed killing and someone, someone like me had to do it because you ...

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