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By: Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

(Author to reader)--Reader, loe here a well-meaning Booke. It doth at the first entrance forewarne thee, that in contriving the same I have proposed unto my selfe no other than a familiar and private end: I have no respect or consideration at all, either to thy service, or to my glory: my forces are not capable of any such desseigne. I have vowed the same to the particular commodity of my kinsfolk and friends: to the end, that losing me (which they are likely to do ere...

They have a secret, unperceived and delicate beauty; he had neede of a cleere, farreseeing and true-discerning sight that should rightly discover this secret light. Is not ingenuity (according to us) cosin germaine unto sottishnesse, and a quality of reproach? Socrates maketh his soule to moove, with a naturall and common motion. Thus saith a plaine Country-man, and thus a seely Woman: Hee never hath other people in his mouth than Coach-makers, Joyners, Coblers, and Masons.

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