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Changels: Initiation

By: Peter King

A mansion on remote Aotea Island off Auckland New Zealand has burned down. Twenty people are missing but only one, 14-year-old Sam Kahu, has been found. Detective Sue Williams soon discovers Sam is unusual. He tells her he's psychic. Then, by saving her life, he proves it. But he also tells her he has his own UFO...

And now I stared them down. This interview is not going the way they had expected. They'd expected tears or teenage Maori mumble and they were getting videotaped bollocking. They were shocked because I wasn't acting like a vulnerable kid. And maybe I wasn't, but that's because after two years of missions I'm not your average fourteen-year-old. When you've been hunted by drugged-out Congolese soldiers with AK-47s a few police in a room just don't seem very scary any more.

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